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Optimization Tips & Guidelines for various parts of your site and coding:

Title Optimization Tips & Guidelines
The title meta tag is covered in depth in regards to what different search engines prefer, how they rank the importance of titles and what users are looking for when they perform a search on a search engine.

Description Metatag Optimization Tutorial
The description meta tag is held as an important ranking factor by many of the major search engines and is even used as the description of your site in search engine results, don't screw it up!

Optimizing Keyword Meta Tags
Alot of search engines say they don't use it to rank you. Maybe not, but alot use it to filter spam sites. Don't accidentaly get caught out just because you didn't think it was important. Yahoo, Inktomi and Excite says it is.

Optimize Comment Tags
Since Altavista's mistake of announcing their use of comment tags in their ranking algorithm many of the major search engines dropped this factor or reduced its importance to almost 'zero'. It may not longer boost ranking, but a bad comment tag can reduce it.

Troubleshooting Tips for those of you experiencing problems:

Not Listed In Your Own Country's Searches?
This troubleshooting article covers the problems some webmasters are experiencing with not being listed in their own country specific index. This is when a searcher click the 'UK Only', 'Ireland Only', 'US Only' (and so on) check boxes for a search.

I'm not listed for my own domain name!
Alot of webmasters experience this, type in and you don't show up even though you are in the listings elsewhere. This currently happens on Google, Altavista, Alltheweb and MSN.

Yes, I quit writing these some time ago. I'm working way to hard to spend my time telling you guys how to follow any more ... there are plenty of people willing to sell you their opinions though:

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