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Our free directory is a valuable resource to our users, any links deemed unfit for the category they have been submitted to or any descriptions deemed misleading will be deleted without notification. Please avoid things like using ALL CAPS or excessive !!!'s etc. as such will also be either edited or removed. This directory is checked every day for problem listings but please notify us if you see anything questionable that you would not want your listings to be sat next to. This directory is linked to from our main page and receives quality user traffic, please respect the individuals visiting our site by not spamming the index as at most you will get 1-2 hours exposure before your listing is deleted.

Your site will be listed in both the Main Directory AND in your chosen category. Please select the category you would like:   [View Directory]

READ THIS: Adding your listing to our search engine friendly directory is currently free as this is a traffic exchange setup, therefore we ask that you place a link to our website on yours in a place where visitors will see it. We have created a categorised directory to increase the likelyhood that you will receive visitors interested in your products and/or services and would therefore appreciate the same courtesy where possible. You can Copy/Paste this code:

Which will display something like the following: "Internet Heaven UK - tutorials on keyword research and other information on making the most of your marketing efforts." but feel free to create variations to suit your own site layout.

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND PLACE OUR LINK IN A USEFUL AREA OF YOUR SITE as we will be linking to you from our overall listings AND your chosen category. Thousands of people visit this 8-year-old directory every month and we constantly check and moderate the pages within to ensure their quality to make sure the listed sites get good traffic.

Once you have done that you can enter your information below and your site will be added instantly to our directory! We do not accept submissions from adult, gambling or pharmaceutical content sites. Submissions are checked by a moderator and such sites will be deleted within 30-60 minutes.

Again, this is a traffic exchange so you have to keep our link up for us to keep your link on our site. You will be listed in the main pages AND in your chosen category with all listings receiving some random front page time as well. So please don't stick us as a footer on your terms and conditions page! ;)

An example of a suitable title would be "Accident Claims" or "Work Injury Compensation" - if you put something like "Accident Injury Claims Compensation,Work, No Win No Fee," or "MEGA SUPER CLAIMS SITE!!!!!" it will be deleted.

The Web address you would like us to link to:(max 100 characters)100
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A Brief Description of your site:250
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Contact Email: (for confirmation and contact about your listing, your email will not be sold on, we won't try and sell you anything!)

(Security): Please enter the characters you see on the image:     

Once your submission is complete, check the category you submitted to to check that your listing is okay (e.g. no URl errors):

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Submit your Site to our Link Exchange program: Free Business Directories generally have too many links showing which out-ways their usefulness as sources of traffic, even the Yahoo internet directory (which has been around forever and used to allow free links) won't send through much traffic. If you allow everyone to add a site then you end up having to build more and more categories and after you submit a site to it, you see that submission gets buried in the back of beyond. Any free online business directory offering a link to a valid business must have a traffic base to begin with - and we certainly do. This site was started back in 2001 and you couldn't exchange links with us or submit a URl for inclusion until 2008! There was no resources directory.

With that kind of heritage it's obvious that this site was not started to simply attract SEO companies or get you to add your site simply to grab your email address to stick in our spam database (if this is your first stop in the search for a free link, then you won't have realised this reciprocal link scam yet!). There are no "premium listings" with our traffic exchange system where, if you don't pay $20-$100, you're submission will most likely never be listed. Nor do we have a moderation waiting period where you add my site URl to your website then wait to see if I can clear my backlog of submissions and finally add you six months later ... or never at all.

One last tip: when looking for free directories, either in the UK, USA or anywhere else, and you see the "submit my site" button - just take a look at a cached version of that directory's most popular looking linking page. If the cache is weeks old and no new entries seem to have been added it is unlikely to be a good use of your time to work through the application form!

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