Welcome to Internet Heaven UK. You can look, you can ponder, you can even steal the graphics. Chances are if you're looking around the site you're not using our services, you're up to something else, so why should we care?

Terms of Use:

Terms of use? No matter what I put here you'll do whatever you like anyway. Can I stop you stealing my graphics? No. Can I stop you copying content? No. Can I stop you spamming my email address? No.

If you're a good person then you wouldn't be doing anything that I would need to warn against in a terms of use statement. If you're a dishonest person then you're not going to care about what the terms of use say.

And if you don't like the fact that there are no terms and conditions, then don't use this site. It's quite simple really. Terms and conditions are to keep lawyers in business. Their industry would almost collapse if there were no terms and conditions to look for fault in. "If we can find blame, you can claim!". I don't like lawyers ...

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