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February 26th 2004 - Altavista and FAST to follow Inktomi Paid 'Exclusion'
Yahoo are at it again. Saddam couldn’t pull off secrecy and deception this well! Only two days after the original discovery of Yahoo’s intentions to exclude Inktomi paid inclusion customers from the Yahoo search results, I awoke to the following email ...

February 23rd 2004 - Inktomi Paid Inclusion Customers Excluded from Yahoo!
Yahoo has pulled a sneaky rabbit one out of its bottomless hat. Just as we were all thinking that they would play this one fairly and above board, they have been working on a new money-making scheme behind our back the whole time. Shame on you Yahoo, shame …

February 18th 2004 - Optimizing for Yahoo or for Inktomi (or is it the same?)
In my humble opinion, these are the things Inktomi uses to rank:

February 15th 2004 - Yahoo officially turns off Google!
Today we saw the first major button push for the Yahoo/Google/Inktomi switch. As everyone knows Yahoo purchased Inktomi last year and has always intended to become self sufficient in the search department ...

Yes, I quit writing these some time ago. I'm working way to hard to spend my time telling you guys how to follow any more ... there are plenty of people willing to sell you their opinions though:

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