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Accident Claims

Created to put people in touch with no win no fee solicitors. Trying to get direct to a solicitor run firm not only speeds up any accident claim but also ensures that you get someone that is experienced in your claim type as you get to speak to the firm you will be dealing with as opposed to always going through a third party. specialises in car accidents, work injuries, criminal injuries and medical negligence case types across Scotland, England and Wales.

I Have A Complaint

Sparked by the downfall of customers services in the UK we wanted to develop a site that was purely helpful, no monetization at all, to help consumers. The idea had sat in the pipeline for a while until an Arnold Clark garage actually broke my car and refused to refund me. The project then came to the forefront! It started with Arnold Clark and grew depending on the number of complaints we received about a company. The name and TLD was chosen to signify that we were not a trade body, but that we were not making money out of it either. ArnoldClark Complaint and Arnold Clark Complaints being the first venture.

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