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Geek Directory UK

The UK Geek Directory contains news on the latest gadgets and lifestyle accessories plus information on all the top retailers across the nation whether high street or online. Categories include mobile phones, digital cameras, broadband providers, computing supplies and of course companies that specialise solely in gadgets. Trying to build a directory of geek blogs and other tech news site is not going so well using the free submission directory. The majority of sites being added seem to be just people looking for link exchanges so we may have to think about scrapping it and developing it ourselves.

Geek Directory USA

With the success in the UK, we decided to start a US Geek Directory which has started off well but with the simply enormous number of website dedicated to the subject in the States traffic is a little harder to come by. Again we created a retailers section but rather than burst out with a few dozen companies like with did with the UK version, we are adding just one retailer a month to allow the site a slow development and to maximize the research into navigational and topical issues for site visitors. As such, there are only a limited number of categories at the moment including internet service providers such as Verizon FiOS, cell phone operators and computing supplies.

Fiber Optic Internet

Not our first venture in to the US, but certainly our most adventurous! This required us to get in to the heads of Americans, beyond simple keyword research. Arguments over "color" vs. "colour" are sweet, distant memories as we realised that each state likes to think of itself as it's own little country. Whether it's high speed internet in California or a Texas internet service provider you are looking for, we've tried to track down where companies like Verizon FiOS and AT&T Uverse are actually providing their products. These days, the US government has chipped in providing "broadband mapping" funds (almost $2million each to states like Florida and New York ... just for broadband mapping studies!) although most of that money is being given to companies that were already doing the work ... for some reason I've got the words Haliburton and Iraq in my head ... ;)

Fibre Optic Broadband

Whilst the government argues over the best way to get the UK in to the future, the private companies getting on with the work are taking their time. Despite promises of 60%-80% coverage by 2010-2017 (depending on which article you read), fibre optic broadband providers are in no hurry to provide a better service at practically the same price as they get for the poor broadband currently in service. Sadly, only 2 companies are taking on the challenge anyway: Virgin Media and BT Broadband. The latter simply trying to upgrade the existing phone line system to use fibre optic cables. The former laying their own cables under the old cable system which they bought over (telewest). Neither seem to be interested in helping you have easy choices, as the purpose of us building this particular site was to have a fibre optic broadband search engine ... but no company will provide us the postcodes they cover ... like it's top secret or something. Very strange.

Business Directory

Our first paid review directory ... but as always, with a difference. Rather than clump hundreds of listings on each page, we keep breaking up the categories whenever we can with a review as soon as a category gets more than 30 listings in it. The "review" fee (cough, cough) charged by some sites is $100-$600. We charge $15 and then simply allow further opportunities to market your site better if you want to. Categories include: Computing, Shopping, Business, Recreation as well as each of these under a Regional heading. For more information check our Why Submit? page.

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